Company Overview

Founded in 1995, Sports & The Arts provides professional athletes and sports franchises with unique paintings, photography and limited edition artwork. Through the building of relationships with professional sports franchises, Sports & The Arts has grown from creating commissioned art works for commemoration of player and team milestones, to curating entire arenas. Increased awareness of the company can be directly attributed to a reputation of professionalism, reliability, fiscal responsibility, and most importantly, the ability to deliver exceptional works of art.

Sports & The Arts brings vision and experience to the development and implementation of large-scale art installations, ensuring each project is unique and tailored to the organizations’ specific desires.

Confidence in past projects of creating large scale installations provides Sports & The Arts with the skills to effectively design a world-class, fine art experience in any facility. A core strength in the process is the ability to assist clients in identifying their wants and needs, resulting in a curation plan that achieves a unique experience within the venue and exceeds client expectations.

Sports & The Arts is fortunate to work with a team of skilled artists who excel in distinctive and diverse mediums. Whether it is fine art portraiture, abstract contemporary works, sculpture or photography, Sports & The Arts works closely with our artists providing direction for their contributions ensuring a cohesive feel within a large-scale collection. Utilizing different styles of artistic expression, Sports & The Arts projects evoke a wide range of emotional reaction from all visitors to the building. Additionally, Sports & The Arts actively seeks out local artists to promote the community appeal of a project.

Over the years the Sports & the Arts team is proud to have helped generate over $2,000,000 for charitable causes. Beginning with the Los Angeles Kings auction of a commissioned painting for their charity, Sports & The Arts enjoys charitable affiliations with a variety of sport franchises, athletes, universities, and corporations, furnishing their fundraising events with original paintings, limited edition lithographs, and signed prints.

The goal of Sports & The Arts is to enhance and develop the aesthetics of a building. Working along side architects, contractors, and interior designers, Sports & The Arts strive to bring an intimate gallery feel to a large venue.

  Executive Team



Tracie has achieved success by merging two of her passions—sports and art. As founder of Sports & The Arts, Tracie has carved a niche with her unique offerings and insight, and has become a well-respected broker in the art world. Her dedication and work ethic has helped develop professional relationships for over a decade, and has built Sports & The Arts into a major force in the sports art world.

While attending California State Northridge College, Tracie managed an art gallery where her first showing introduced Wayne Gretzky to the Los Angeles art scene. Tracie realized the potential of combining fine, museum quality artwork and the public’s fascination with sports. Two years later, Sports & The Arts was born.

Although Tracie’s work finds her spending more time on the road than at home in Los Angeles, she can occasionally be found on the sunny golf courses of Southern California, as she is an avid golfer.



Camille has worked in the graphic design and pre-press industry for 15 years, and has contributed to campaigns and collateral for a wide-variety of clients including John Hancock, Wells Fargo, T. Rowe Price, Wrigley, Campbell Soup Company and Pfizer Inc. She joined Sports & The Arts in 2007 and works closely with the client from concept inception to final installation.

Camille attended St. John’s University in her native Queens, and discovered her love of baseball watching the Yankees win back-to-back series in the late ‘70s. She lives in New England, and when provided a break in her work schedule, likes to hit the running trail.



Dan has worked in and around the professional sports world for a number of years, and brings his love of both art & sports to any project.

With a degree in Visual Art from UC San Diego, and a Masters Degree from Bentley University in Human Factors in Design, and a resume that includes time with the National Football League’s ad & design group, Dan has worked for a number of years to bridge the gap between sports & art. Having also served as part of the team that redesigned and built Major League, Dan has had much success in satisfying the needs of both the franchise and the fan.

An avid record collector, in his free time Dan can be found at the local record store, yard sale, or flea market in search of that one hidden gem!


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