Company Overview

Founded in 1995, Sports & The Arts provides professional athletes and sports franchises with unique paintings, photography and limited edition artwork. Through the building of relationships with professional sports franchises, Sports & The Arts has grown from creating commissioned art works for commemoration of player and team milestones, to curating entire arenas. Increased awareness of the company can be directly attributed to a reputation of professionalism, reliability, fiscal responsibility, and most importantly, the ability to deliver exceptional works of art.

Sports & The Arts brings vision and experience to the development and implementation of large-scale art installations, ensuring each project is unique and tailored to the organizations’ specific desires.

Confidence in past projects of creating large scale installations provides Sports & The Arts with the skills to effectively design a world-class, fine art experience in any facility. A core strength in the process is the ability to assist clients in identifying their wants and needs, resulting in a curation plan that achieves a unique experience within the venue and exceeds client expectations.

Sports & The Arts is fortunate to work with a team of skilled artists who excel in distinctive and diverse mediums. Whether it is fine art portraiture, abstract contemporary works, sculpture or photography, Sports & The Arts works closely with our artists providing direction for their contributions ensuring a cohesive feel within a large-scale collection. Utilizing different styles of artistic expression, Sports & The Arts projects evoke a wide range of emotional reaction from all visitors to the building. Additionally, Sports & The Arts actively seeks out local artists to promote the community appeal of a project.

Over the years the Sports & the Arts team is proud to have helped generate over $2,000,000 for charitable causes. Beginning with the Los Angeles Kings auction of a commissioned painting for their charity, Sports & The Arts enjoys charitable affiliations with a variety of sport franchises, athletes, universities, and corporations, furnishing their fundraising events with original paintings, limited edition lithographs, and signed prints.

The goal of Sports & The Arts is to enhance and develop the aesthetics of a building. Working along side architects, contractors, and interior designers, Sports & The Arts strive to bring an intimate gallery feel to a large venue.

  Executive Team



Tracie Speca-Ventura’s keen eye for talent, beauty and history helps her bring stadium walls to life, allowing her to transform spaces into experiences.

Tracie founded Sports & the Arts (SATA) in 1992 to provide professional athletics and sports franchises with original artwork and lithographs to raise funds for their charitable causes.   Under her leadership and direction, the company has grown from commissioning original one-of-a-kind private artworks to curating multi-million dollar stadiums that house hundreds of original works of art and photography.  SATA collections now grace the walls of organizations and venues such as the San Francisco 49ers and Levis Stadium, the New York Yankees and Yankee Stadium, the Amway Center (home to the Orlando Magic), the Prudential Center and The Miami Marlins ballpark.

Tracie’s strengths are inherent in her ability to foster relationships with nationally renowned artists and to showcase undiscovered up and coming artistic talent. Her discerning eye and strong art direction are paramount in creating insightful and compelling collections. Her skill in identifying emerging artists and combining their pieces within the SATA art team creates distinct and unique collections for each venue the company curates. Tracie excels in negotiating artist rights, providing clients with the potential of return on their investment and marketing opportunities.  In addition, she is quick to identify sponsorship integration opportunities.

Tracie’s resume is as colorful as some of the artwork she commissions.  Prior to founding Sports & The Arts, Tracie was director at the Sports & Entertainment Gallery in Los Angeles where she coordinated art openings for the Los Angeles Kings, featuring Wayne Gretzky and Mickey Mantle, among others.  Tracie has also organized fundraising exhibitions for the TJ Martel Foundation, LA Sports Spectacular and the Philadelphia Flyers.  Prior, she was the personal assistant to Pete Rose and family and spent extensive time traveling with the Cincinnati Reds during her post college years.  Throughout her career, Tracie has generated more than two million dollars for charitable causes through donations and fundraising efforts.

Tracie enjoys golfing the beautiful courses of California's Central Coast and spending time with her family.



Camille Speca joined SATA in 2007 to provide photographic research, procurement, and placement, and currently holds the title of Creative Director.  Her first project with Sports & The Arts, Yankee Stadium, put her skills to the test, sourcing and compiling over 1,200 unique images spanning nearly a century.

Camille currently leads the photographic procurement and research division, helping to set company-wide standards for image acquisition and archiving. Her background in graphic arts affords her the technical ability to assess imagery not only by subject matter but also for pre-press specifications.

Camille has a strong love and deep appreciation for history that aids her in the creation of regional installations in both photography and graphic treatment content for each venue. This passion transcends to franchise research, where she identifies players and moments that resonate with both the casual fan and the most impassioned.

Prior to joining Sports & The Arts, Camille worked at major design houses in New York City and has contributed to campaigns and collateral for a wide-variety of clients. A native New Yorker, Camille discovered her love of baseball watching the Yankees win back-to-back series in the late ‘70s.  Camille and her family reside in New England and when provided time off, likes to hit the running trails.


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