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New York Yankees Commission Sports & The Arts to install 1,300 Photographs of Yankees History

Living Museum brings walls of Yankee Stadium to life under the direction of Sports and The Arts

Sports & The Arts is pleased to announce its curation of the photography and art installation within Yankee Stadium. Featuring over 1,300 past and present archival photographs from the New York Daily News and other sources, “The Glory of The Yankees” photo collection brings the walls of Yankee Stadium to life and creates a museum attraction for both young and old.

Fans will be treated to the largest collection of Yankees photographs ever displayed. Celebrating the illustrious history of the New York Yankees, photographs dating back as early as the 1900’s have been meticulously restored to showcase both the legends of “yesteryear” and the stars of today.

“When we envisioned this thrilling photographic exhibit, we insisted upon a level of quality and dedication that reflects the Yankees history and tradition. There was no one who had the requisite skill sets and could accomplish our goals other than Sports & The Arts” says Lonn Trost, Chief Operating Officer of the Yankees.

Sports & The Arts has created an intimate museum gallery feel within the Yankees Stadium. Visitors will have the opportunity to view their favorite players from Yankees history, as well as experience an up close look at rarely seen images. Photographs on display depict both iconic players and moments from the legacy that defines America’s pre-eminent baseball franchise.

Sports & The Art spent several months researching the archives of the New York Daily News selecting images dating back to the 1920's. Sports & The Arts envisioned several themes for the photographs including a series of the "Original Ten"—the first ten Yankee players to wear numbers on their backs. Other photo vignettes included a tribute to the perfect games thrown by Yankee pitchers and the home run race of 1961 between Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle.

The project entailed selecting, restoring, printing, framing, curating and overseeing the installation of these historical photographs. Sports & The Arts collaborated with the New York Daily News, Major League Baseball, and the National Baseball Hall of Fame in compiling the images. Additional contributors included the Library of Congress in Washington, DC and Getty Images. Over 70,000 images were culled from sources including glass negatives, film negatives, photographs and newsprint in our successful effort to procure the most poignant and befitting images for the Collection. Incorporating several printing techniques and bring in interesting printing sufaces such as metal, canvas, plexiglass and metallic and other speciality papers, Sports & The Arts was able to showcase these photographs with more texture and visual features.

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